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The Network is a platform that plays a fundamental role in supporting local and proximity commerce, understanding proximity commerce as that establishment dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of the population. They are the shops of all life, but also new establishments of private entrepreneurs or SMEs that offer goods and services necessary for the neighbors and/or the rest of the people of Madrid. Diversity promotes particularity over homogenization, friendly personal treatment , and provides great social value by contributing to the structuring and social cohesion of neighborhoods. Thus, the Network also intends to support, preserve and promote this type of trade. The Network understands the promotion of a diversified commercial offer and support for local businesses as the main axis of economic development.

Why join, objectives

Promote the actions of businesses around diversity. Collaborate on joint projects with businesses in order to boost local commerce. Act as a forum for exchanging experiences. Develop a personalized e-commerce platform to promote online commerce. Develop information, awareness and good practices actions.

Decalogue of the Network of Shops for Diversity

With this brief decalogue, we want to express some of the premises that are required for an establishment to be included in the Network of Businesses for Diversity. It's about a. Manifesto of intentions by which all that trade or hotel establishment that wants to put value as a hallmark of its philosophy must be governed.

A safe environment, where both employees and customers can behave naturally and with mutual respect, guarantees a space for progress, creativity and good humor that fosters human and commercial relations.

In this context, we invite you to be part of the Network of Businesses for Diversity and to subscribe to the decalogue that we present:

  1. Always foster an environment of respect and tolerance.
  2. Written or verbal communication must never include discriminatory or offensive adjectives, terms, or gestures.
  3. Equal opportunities must be guaranteed among all employees, appreciating the difference as a value that adds up.
  4. The sexual orientation of any of the clients who come to the establishment must be respected.
  5. Promote a culture where the LGTBI+ collective is appreciated and respected, avoiding at all times any situation of homophobia that may arise.
  6. Integrate elements in external communication that reflect the value of diversity, which our company wants to respect.
  7. Facilitate the visibility of the affective reality of employees or customers without any discrimination.
  8. Promote training for both employees and the management team in order to better understand the reality of the LGTBI+ collective in order to apply the corresponding inclusive communication at all times.
  9. Report any action of homophobia or discrimination that may occur in the business or work environment.
  10. Always uphold the principles of dignity, respect and fairness of any of the employees or clients regardless of their gender identity.